winter-hiking at lake Achensee
Not everybody it moves in winter on the ski runways (although these would be really tempting in the Achensee …) -for the fact that the alternatives to the runway passport give just as much holiday pleasure, guarantees sports park of Tyrol and vital park. The way is the aim – more appropriately than the traditional saying it can't be described at all what makes the winter walking so particularly: On 150 kilometres of removed winter ways you experience the breathtaking physical scenery of the region Achensee "very closely":

A vacation is not sufficient, around all wintry travelling possibilities which offer the diverse region to enjoy to the full. Comfortable footpaths in the lake compete with footpaths which lead stone mountain in the Rofan in the cirque spiral valleys or the dreamy little village. You discover totally untouched winter sceneries best of all with the snowy shoes:
Who would like to get to know with pleasure more about the nature or would like to move especially certainly in the area, can be accompanied best of all by the qualified mountain guide and travelling leaders of the region.
winter-hiking at lake Achensee in Tirolwinter-hiking at lake Achensee in Tirolwinter-holiday at lake Achensee in Tirol